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Energy-efficient smart homes for unique locations around the world, allowing you to live anywhere sustainably and connected; whether it’s an addition to your home in the city or a new home to live remote.

a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being


Increase your connection to the natural environment.

CABN.CO homes incorporate natural lighting, ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements to create a more productive and healthy built environment for all people.

Live Anywhere

Build quickly and non-invasively.
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CABN.CO buildings use non-invasive site development process and sustainable building practices so the homes fit within, and preserve the environment they are assembled upon.
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CABN.CO buildings are prefabricated in easy to ship components that can be assembled quickly in remote and harsh environments as easily as in your own backyard.
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CABN.CO high performance solar roof system allows each building to be net-zero and provide for your energy needs.
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Live Sustainably

CABN.CO homes use 1/3 the energy of traditional homes
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CABN.CO homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Windows doors and walls are all optimized for reduced energy loss.
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Live COnnected

CABN.CO energy management systems and smart home technology reduces your energy consumption and let’s you stay connected to all the things you need for work and play, while also allowing you to turn off and connect with nature.
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CABN.CO buildings use integrated heating and cooling systems for improved comfort and reduced energy consumption.
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Live Nourished

CABN.CO uses biophilic design to connect the occupant with natural environment and provide an optimized interior design for human health and wellness.
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Live Balanced

CABN.CO buildings use energy informed design to optimize the building configuration to use the natural environment to assist in heating and cooling the interior to maintain a constant temperature between 21-24 degrees Celsius.
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