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CABN.CO is net-zero housing for everyone to live anywhere, live sustainably, and live connected.

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About CABN

CABN.CO was founded on a belief that beauty and technology can coexist in innovative housing solutions. Through the development and construction of energy-efficient smart homes for unique locations worldwide, CABN allows you to live anywhere– whether it’s an addition to your home in the city or a new home on a remote island.

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CABN.CO is a green technology company advancing an innovative manufacturing process for net-zero, cost-efficient, component modular housing. Using our innovative prefabricated component construction strategy, combined with energy-modelled design and renewable technology, CABN.CO has created a new era in home design for the conscious and connected consumer. 

As a part of our commitment to accessible and affordable housing, we have founded the CABN.CO Foundation, a non-profit organization that partners with municipalities and developers to bring affordable, sustainable housing to remote, low-income, and Indigenous communities. 

CABN.CO Foundation transitions technology, design, and environmental sustainability from CABN.CO into accessible solutions to the housing crisis. We’re driven by a belief that efficient, innovative housing should be available to all, connecting our expertise with communities that need it the most.  

Who We Are


Jackson Wyatt


Jackson leads CABN.CO, building upon immense success as founder and previous head of design and manufacturing for a global sustainable products company, Greenlid, for which he built 50+ innovative products distributed in 10,000+ stores across North America and 25 countries worldwide. A clean tech expert in the end-to-end design, development, and delivery of net-zero solutions, Jackson has shifted his expertise in consumer packaged goods to a scaled component manufacturing strategy for sustainable and affordable housing solutions. Alongside the expert CABN.CO team, Jackson works to create an affordable and sustainable housing solution that preserves our environment through a human-centred design, innovating the housing industry for the future.

Alex Kelly

Alex joins CABN with demonstrated experience in partnership, communications, and organizational design. Prior to joining CABN.CO, Alex led the successful strategic firm, SALT + COMPANY, developing solutions for clients in the transportation, healthcare, financial technology,  retail, and charitable sectors. With a focus on evidence-based practices and intelligent design, Alex drives CABN.CO to create an impact that will change the future.
Joseph Ashkarian


Head, Sustainable Fabrication and Construction
Joseph is a civil engineer with international experience in project planning, construction, and executing innovative and sustainable projects across various sectors. With experience in large renewable projects and multi-unit residential consulting, Joseph oversees permitting, zoning, and building class certification strategies for CABN.CO, lending his strong record of developing and delivering innovative projects within various sectors, working with private developers, main contractors and consulting groups.
Shane Gerkin


Head, Engineering and Design
Shane is a licensed professional mechanical engineer with diverse expertise that spans large multi-family residential, hospitality, government facilities, university housing, and commercial projects. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, Shane has pushed boundaries, designing some of the first Net Zero Energy buildings, WELL Certified buildings, and a large-scale All-Electric Building. With accreditations from LEED and WELL, Shane is instrumental to CABN.CO’s industry-leading engineering and design.
Nate Preston


Head, Solar and Renewable Energy Systems
Nate has led multiple award-winning companies dedicated to the solar industry, including co-founding Apricity Renewables Inc. (now Solphi Engineering), a professional engineering firm dedicated to the solar and energy storage market. Nate brings his solar and renewable energy insights to the CABN.CO design, leveraging his experience engineering on many of the largest solar rooftop projects in Canada, including over 150 commercial rooftop photovoltaic projects in Ontario alone.
Dr. Taylor Stone


Advisor, Sustainable Community Designer and Architect
Dr. Stone has a Ph.D. in the Ethics of Technology, working at the interaction of ethics and design. Fascinated by the ethics of innovation and its impact on cities, Dr Stone offers a unique perspective on CABN.CO design impacts environmental and community development.
Natallia Torres


Executive Projects
Natalia is an experienced planner with a degree in Urban Management. Leveraging her experience in project planning, management, and scheduling, Natalia supports CABN.CO projects with a keen eye towards urban development, construction, and social housing.